A Love to Kill


Rain, Shin Min-a, Kim Sa-rang, and Lee Ki-woo feature in the South Korean television drama series A Love to Kill.

Little Intro: Kang Bok-gu is a K-1 fighter with a lot of experience. However, he has never attempted to win a single battle since he is uninterested in the limelight that a championship would bring. He shares a home with Han Da-jung, who rescued him from a fire when they were both teens. Bok-gu plans to spend the rest of his life with her, despite the fact that he is not in love with her. He is plagued with remorse that she has been traumatized as a result of his actions, and he knows her love for him. After years of estrangement, Kang Min-gu  eventually reconciles with his older brother. The reunion, however, is just temporary. Min-gu tries suicide after learning about his ex-girlfriend Cha Eun-engagement.

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