Amanda Jaeger

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Story Highlights
  • First Name : Amanda
  • Last Name : Jaeger
  • Birthday : March 12, 1991
  • Birthplace : United States
  • Age : 29 years old
  • Zodiac sign : Pisces
  • Hair Color : Blonde

Who is Amanda Jaeger and how did she become famous?

Amanda Jager, a news anchor, and former beauty queen is best known for her itsamandajaeger TikTok, where she uses her news anchor voice to share videos. she has gained over 1.3 million followers and 35.2 million Likes.

@itsamandajaegerto @livelifeunleashed 110% effort. ##fyp ##newsanchor♬ original sound – AmandaJaeger


Before known

Miss Kansas 2014 was her title.


Trivia; Amanda Jaeger

Amanda Jaeger TikTok video mocking a robotic phone calling machine in August 2020 received over 1 million views. Miss America is a pageant in which she has participated.

Family Life; Amanda Jaeger

Amanda Jaeger excelled in all areas of her life, including her personal life. She met her life partner at a young age and married without delay. Amanda had not stated when or where she met her husband, Mitch Jaeger, at the time of this publication. In either case, Amanda and Mitch tied the knot in late June 2015. Amanda and Mitch Jaeger at their wedding in 2015.
Since their wedding, Amanda and her husband have been together through thick and thin. Mitch has had a successful career, much like Amanda. He worked with the Little Rock restaurant franchise as the Director of Operations. In Little Rock, Mitch and Amanda moved in together. They haven’t yet had children. Maybe they were both preoccupied with their jobs.


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