Dananeer Mobeen


Story Highlights
  • First Name : Dananeer
  • Last Name : Mobeen
  • Birthday : December 30, 2001
  • Birthplace : Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Age : 19 years old
  • Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
  • Eye Color : Light Brown
  • Hair Color : Light Brown
  • Father's Name : Mobeen Ahmad
  • Mother's Name : Gul Mobeen
  • Brother's Name : Muhammad Nofal
  • Sister's Name : Nafayal Mobeen
  • Religion : Islam

Who is Dananeer Mobeen and how did she become famous?

Dananeer Mobeen is a Pakistani from Islamabad, Pakistan. Now, She is everybody’s favorite currently as she killed midweek blues with a Pajama Pawri on Thursday. In a post on Instagram, Mahira shared a short clip as she partied, Which she spells as ” Pawri ho Rahi hai “. As a result of this, a single video makes her gain myriad followers on Instagram which is up to 1 Million, and gaining huge subscribers on Youtube, and TikTok. Nowadays, she is busy giving an interview in different mainstream media
Furthermore, Her swag was on another level as she enjoyed the epic night with her girl gang. In the caption of her post, Everyone is applauding Dananeer Mobeen for introducing the Pawri concept to the world.

Dananeer’s Career

Dananeer Mobeen is the committee director of the UETMUN Society in Lahore, which is an educational simulation in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the UN she created a YouTube channel and she uploads videos on traveling and beauty makeup tutorials. Her YouTube channel has more than 38k subscribers 9as of February. Dananeer Mobeen has also featured in numerous commercial advertisements for various popular brands such as Kashmir Emporium, Schick, and so on


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Dananeer’s Hobbies and Interest

She said once She is an avid animal lover and has two pet dogs, Luna, and Darcy and In addition, she loves traveling, dancing, and singing, and she often shares videos of her singing on Instagram. Furthermore, she is really into painting


Dananeer’s Family Members

Dananeer’s Father’s Name is Mobeen Ahmed and her Mother’s Name Is Gul Mobeen, She has one Younger Brother And a Sister named Muhammad Nofal, and Sister Nafayal Mobeen.

Relationship About Dananeer

Currently, Dananeer Mobeen is single.


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Dananeer Mobeen Favorite Tiktok Stars

Charli D’amelo and Addison Rae are two of Dananner Mobeen’s favorite TikTok female stars, and Zach king is the male favorite TikTok star, according to her.

Dananeer’s Height and Weight

Dananeer Mobeen height is 5 feet 3 inches, which is 160 cm and her bodyweight is 57 KG, which is 125.663 Pounds


Dananeer’s Riding Horse?

Dananeer Mobeen once said on Instagram she is fond of horse riding she even shares the different images riding a horse


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Dananeer Mobeen Modified Video

Dananeer Mobeen pawri ho Rahi hai video is modified by Yashraj Mukhate Which got over 34 Million views on Youtube because he made that video pawri ho Rahi into a DJ song that is freaking amazing. Furthermore, this video also helps her to gain plenty of followers on her social media accounts


People are obsessed?

Most of the famous  people are doing this trend pawri ho Rahi hai  by imitating her sound pawri ho Rahi hai and their video is also getting lots of engagement


Most passionate about?

Dananeer Mobeen is really into makeup the particular reason for this circumstance is she uploads makeup tutorial on youtube which has lots of views



FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Does Dananeer Mobeen Love Dogs?
→ Yes, she loves dogs and has tandem.

Dananeer Mobeen is teetotaler?
→  No, She loves to drink when she is with her friends and family sometimes.

Dananeer Mobeen is Vegetarian?
→  No, she loves to eat non-vegetarian foods.

Dananeer Mobeen is 15 years old?
→  No, She is 19 years old.

Dananeer Mobeen is in a Relationship?
→  No, currently she is single.

Dananeer Mobeen has no friends?
→  No, She has lots of friends.

Where I can Find Dananeer Mobeen?







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