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Parag Agrawal Biography

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  • First Name : Parag
  • Last Name : Agrawal
  • Birthday : May 14, 1984
  • Birthplace : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Age : 37 years old
  • Zodiac sign : Taurus

Who is Parag Agrawal, and how did he become so well-known?

Parag Agrawal is an Indian-American technology executive and the CEO of Twitter, and he is well-known in the industry as the CEO of Twitter.

Parag Agrawal: Early Life, Career, and Net-Worth

As a student, Parag Agarwal worked for firms such as Microsoft, AT&T, and Yahoo before joining Twitter in 2011. Initially, Parag Agarwal focused on ad-related goods. Later on, he began working on Artificial Intelligence. Twitter named Parag Agarwal as CTO on March 8, 2018. His early work as CTO was focused on using artificial intelligence to increase the relevancy of tweets in the Twitter timeline. Parag Agarwal, who joined Twitter ten years ago, has been named the company’s new CEO.

When it comes to his Net-Worth, he is very enthusiastic about his work, and as a result of his enthusiasm, he has achieved great success in his field, and he now has a large sum of money at this age because he believes that hard work pays off, so work hard and Parag Agrawal has a net worth of $2 million dollars.

Relationship About Parag Agrawal

Parag Agrawal is married to Vinita Agarwal, and they have a son named Ansh.

Family Life of Parag Agrawal

When it comes to his family, his father worked in the atomic energy business, and his mother was a teacher who is now retired. We do not know the names of his parents, but we will update this post soon.

Trivia and Facts: Parag Agrawal

  • Parag got a gold medal at the Physics Olympiad in Istanbul in 2001.
  • He relocated to the United States in 2005. In 2011, he was finishing his doctorate when he joined Twitter. It is believed that Parag of Agrawal’s thesis guide ‘Jennifer Widom’ inspired him to finish his education.
  • Parag Agrawal is regarded as one of Twitter’s best engineers, having worked with the TAG group, which was in charge of the company’s innovative products and technology. In 2019, Parag was in charge of Twitter’s decentralized social media project Bluesky, which was founded by Jack Dorsey.
  • In November 2021, Twitter revealed in its report that Parag Agrawal would get $1 million in annum remuneration as the company’s CEO, as well as a $12.5 million equity investment.

Body Measurements: Height, Hair Color, Weight so on

Parag’s physical appearance is so attractive that he has a stunning body, and he enjoys staying in shape by eating healthy, and everyone admires his physique.

Parag Agrawal stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs nearly 71 kilograms or 156 pounds. In terms of hair and eye color, he has black hair, little pink & bit brown lips, black eyebrows, and black eyes.

Parag Agrawal: Controversy Act and Rumor

He has been able to keep his famous status untouched. He has also avoided speculations and scandals in both his personal and business lives.

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