Top 2021 Viral TikTok Videos


Are you obsessed to watch viral TikTok videos?
If you are, this content is for you. Here are all the admire videos that had gone viral and still going viral on TikTok in 2021

Nick Luciano is getting lots of engagement on the sugar crash video which he had made that video by stitching kaylavoid on TikTok because she got myriad views and likes only by lip-syncing and he wonders how even anyone can get so much like by only lip-syncing and he stitches her and now he got over 26.7 million likes and 112 million views and still that video on the way to get colossal views and like surpassing her and now he has 1.8 million followers on TikTok and 39.1 million views

@thenicklucianoAnd no it’s not a green screen. 😂 run it up! ##nickluciano ##sugarcrush♬ Sugarcrash! – ElyOtto


Pudgywoke is a cute dog full of Owa Owa. Pudgywoke Owa Owa video got massive views on TikTok now Owa Owa is well known all over TikTok even famous TikTok stars are trying to say Owa Owa. His owner is sweet and adorable makes Pudgywoke cheerful. Pudgywoke has got 16.2 likes and 66.8 million likes, however, pudgy has 2-5 Owa Owa videos each of them got colossal views and likes and Pudgywoke has 11.7 million followers and 284.6 million likes on TikTok

@pudgywoke##Pudgywoke ##Foryoupage ##Foryou ##Fyp♬ YOU ARE FOLLOWING – Pudgywoke


Bella Poarch already got the most liked video in 2020 and gained colossal followers and likes, however, in 2021 too she has got plenty of likes and views on the Glass Challenge video which she made. Bella Poarch Glass Challenge video got 8.1 million likes and 56 million views and she already has 57.9 million followers and 1.2 Billion likes on TikTok

@bellapoarchDid I do this right?😅♬ yall better subscribe to berleezy – zee

KaylaVoid – Sugarcrash!

KaylaVoid made a video only by lip-syncing which made her so popular that the video got 8.3 million likes and 65 million likes and she has 1.8 million followers and 14.2 million likes on TikTok

@kaylavoid♬ Sugarcrash! – ElyOtto


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