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  • Founded : February 24, 1996
  • Age : 25 years old
  • Genre : Various

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Yang Hyun Suk, of the successful Korean act Seo Tae Ji and Boys, formed YG Entertainment, which has been at the forefront of the popularization of hip-hop music in Korea. YG Entertainment has been the home of some of Korea’s most well-known and well-respected artists since its inception, from JINUSEAN and 1TYM to the massively influential latest bands, BIGBANG and 2NE1. The business has thrived by maintaining a family-like environment in which musicians, creators, and team members openly share thoughts about music, fashion, craft, and culture. The YG Family also boasts a talented cast of actors and actresses, including a number of well-known actors and actresses.


Roseanne Park joined YG Entertainment in 2012 and is now a member of the BlackPink, girl group.

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