Amelia Gething


Story Highlights
  • First Name : Amelia
  • Last Name : Gething
  • Birthday : January 24, 1999
  • Birthplace : London, England
  • Age : 22 years old
  • Zodiac Sign : Aquarius

Who is Amelia Gething and how did she become famous?
Amelia Gething is a British internet celebrity. She first became popular on the lip-synching app (now known as TikTok) She is most popular for her comedy videos on YouTube & TikTok. Her account, Amelia Gething TikTok is one of the tops followed accounts on the app. She is also a professional model and often seen in promotional campaigns.

Amelia’s career
Amelia started her Now known as TikTok account at the age of 17. Inspired by comedy groups like The Mighty Boosh and Monty Python, she began making sketches. She then tried her hand at creating YouTube content as an opportunity to break into comedy. The successful star created her YouTube channel in 2016. She said her rise to fame “happened by accident really” as she was unaware of its progression. The BBC came across Amelia’s sketches on YouTube and asked for a meeting with her. They decided to commission a pilot for a show, which has now been made into a series. Amelia says she would love to do more serious acting in the future. She said: “I really love dark and edgy films. My main goal for life is to do acting”

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