Hammy and Olivia

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Story Highlights
  • Name : Hammy and Olivia
  • From : Las Vegas
  • Hammy and Olivia Age : 3 and 5 Years old

Who are Hammy and Olivia, and how did they become so well-known?

Hammy and Olivia are corgi breed, and they are famous for their sweet voice that sounds like a real voice, much like a human’s, except that sound was developed by their creator, who is so talented that he also uses a different voice that is intriguing for followers. Now, Hammy and Olivia have 2.6 million TikTok subscribers, and they have a cute compilation video on YouTube that you can watch by going to YouTube.
Moreover, Fans enjoy watching the paw-some pups interact with one another, sometimes putting on skits. Hammy’s mischievous spirit comes through in the TikTok series “hamscapades.” Mock poker nights, fashion shows, mock debates, and mock debates are also held by the couple.

@hammyandoliviaIt’s the beached whale for me ##dogsoftiktok ##funny ##repost ##comedy♬ original sound – Hammy & Olivia Corgi

Where are Hammy and Olivia?

In Las Vegas, Hammy, and Olivia remain with their parents Chris and Sarah, Chris’ fiancée.


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