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Story Highlights
  • First Name : Malika
  • Last Name : Mahat
  • Birthplace : Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Birthday : November 2, 1999
  • Age : 21 years old
  • Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Who is Malika Mahat and how did she become famous?

Malika Mahat is a Nepali actress and showed off in several movies, now, she is currently working throughout the music industry. She has worked in three music videos with Paul Shah, which helped her gain recognition, and she is well-known in Nepal as a result of her roles in Tadha Bhaye Pani and Phul Bhutte Sari. After that, she began to appear in various news media, and several people began to interview her, and it was eventually discovered that Malika Mahat is a Nepali actress, model, and so on.

Malika Mahat; Career and Net-Worth

Malika Mahat prefer working in the film industry, music video, and influencer right now she has made her career in the film industry, and so on she’s got a big following on her social network, it’s claimed she’s made quite a bit of money out of it, according to the facts, and our team’s research found that she’s around net worth of 20 lakhs, which is around 20 thousand in US Dollar.


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Relationship About Malika Mahat

Malika Mahat is still single and has not shown off with anybody because she is not in a relationship. She did, however, collaborate on a music video with Paul Shah, causing rumors that Malika is dating him, which is untrue. She also said that rumors are circulating fake information, so don’t believe it.

Trivia; Malika Mahat

Malika Mahat appeared in the film Yatra alongside Salin Man Bania, Salon, and others.


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Malika Mahat; Favorite TikTokers

Despite being a Nepali teenager, Malika Mahat said she enjoys watching TikTok videos of Charlie D’Amelio, Bella PoarchJames CharlesDixie DamelioAddison Rae, David Dobrik, and Dananeer Mobeen

Malika Mahat; Height and Weight

In terms of height and weight, she is 5 foot 5 inches tall and weighs 53 kilograms or 116 pounds 

Social Media; Malika Mahat

She’s very active on social media, including Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. she even has 160k followers on Instagram and 26801 followers on Facebook and so on.


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Find-Out more about Malika Mahat

Malika Mahat can be seen on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc
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