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Samragyee RL Shah Biography

Story Highlights
  • First Name: Samragyee
  • Middle Name: Rajya Laxmi (RL)
  • Last Name: Shah
  • Birthday : November 18, 1995
  • Birthplace : Birgunj, Nepal
  • Age : 25 years old
  • Zodiac Sign : Scorphio

Who is Samragyee RL Shah, and how did she become so well-known?

Samragyee RL Shah is a Nepali actress who works in the Nepali film industry. Shah has won several accolades, including a National Film Award and a number of NFDC National Film Awards.

She has appeared in a number of Nepalese films, including A Mero Hajur 2 (2017), Intu Mintu London Ma (2018), and Rato Tika Nidharma (2017). (2019). Shah made her acting debut in the 2016 romance film Dreams, which went on to become a box office hit and garnered her numerous accolades. Shah became Nepal’s highest-paid actress after being cast in Ashok Sharma’s directorial production Rato Tika Nidharma (2019).
She also has a connection to the Nepalese royal family.

Malika Mahat, Simpal Kharel, Samikshya Basnet, Usha Uppreti, Kritika Thapa, Garima Sharma, Simran Panta, Reshma Ghimire, and a slew of other celebrities and teen stars like her films.

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I enjoy being myself and loving myself. Samragyee RL Shah

Samragyee RL Shah: Early Life, Career, Awards, and Net-Worth

She was born in Birgunj, Nepal, on November 18, 1995, to Neha Rajya Laxmi Shah and Mahesh Bikram Shah. Through her grandpa Pashupati Bikram Shah, Samragyee RL Shah is connected to the Nepali royal dynasty.

Surendra Bir Bikram Shah had two sons, the youngest of them was Samragyee’s ancestor Narendra Bikram Shah. After Surendra’s death in 1881, Narendra’s son Indra Bikram Shah’s cousin Prithivi Bir Bikram Shaha was proclaimed king. Prithivi Bir Bikram was 7 years old when he was crowned. Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah was the king of Nepal after Prithivi Bir Bikram Shah. Tribhuwan is credited with overthrowing the Ranas in Nepal.

From classes one to three, she attended St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School in Birgunj, Nepal. She pursued her education at New Delhi’s Sai Baba School. She went to the Royal Academy of India in Kathmandu after finishing sixth grade.

When Samragyee RL Shah was in India, she began her modeling career. She competed in a number of beauty pageants, winning a few of them. ‘Face of Classic Diamond’ is one of them. She then began appearing in music videos.

As a result, Samragyee comes from a wealthy family. It was not difficult for her to get into the film industry. As a result, she made her film debut in Nepal with the popular film “Dreams.” Anmol KC, a fine and youthful artist, was featured in the film. As a result of her acting abilities in her debut film, she went on to do a number of films, including ‘Timi Samu.’ For her work in “Dreams,” she won an award for “Best Newcomer Actress.”

The audience liked Samragyee RL Shah’s previous film, “A Mero Hajur 2,” which starred Salin Man Baniya and was directed by Jharana Thapa. Timi Sanga is another film in the same vein. Aakash Shrestha and Najir Hussain starred in this film. Another film, Maruni is a box office success. In 2018, Samragyee also released a successful film called Intu Mintu London Ma.

Moreover, she also took home the ‘Best Newcomer Actress Award’ at the 2016 FAAN Awards. She was also nominated for many prizes, including the NFDC Award 2016, the LG Film Awards, and the Kamana Film Awards. Her next film, A Mero Hajur 2, has also garnered positive reviews and is considered the finest romantic film in Nepali cinema.

She is passionate about her work, and it has paid off handsomely for her, as she now has a net worth of over 4 crores in NPR and 400 thousand dollars in USD.

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Success can be accomplished if you work hard for it and commit yourself to it until you accomplish it. Samragyee RL Shah

Relationship About Samragyee RL Shah

Mayenk Khadka was her boyfriend at the time. She shared photos of herself and her lover on Facebook and Instagram.

However, she has broken up with Mayank and is now dating Devank Rana. On Instagram, she shared a holiday photo with her partner.

Choose wisely the relationships that will lead you to success. Samragyee RL Shah

Family Life of Samragyee RL Shah

Samragyee’s father is Mahesh Bikram Shah, and her mother is Neha Rajya Laxmi Shah.

My family is the reason I am who I am, so love yours as well. Samragyee RL Shah

Trivia and Facts: Samragyee RL Shah

Samragyee is a member of Nepal’s royal dynasty (The same generation from Prithvi Narayan Shah). She is Nepal’s highest-paid actress and her favorite television show is Korean drama.

Samragyee On the list of the most well-known movie actresses. Also included in the elite list of notable Nepalese celebrities.

She had chicken pox when she was six years old, and as a result, she bears scars on her cheeks.
She lived in an Indian hostel for a brief time before becoming an actor.

She was discovered by film actor Bhuwan Kc, who offered her the part after a brief screen test with 26 other females.

People argue that tiny steps do not lead to success, yet they do. Samragyee RL Shah

Body Measurements: Height, Hair Color, Weight so on.

Samragyee RL Shah is one of the industry’s most beautiful actresses. Her lovely and charming personality is well-known. Samragyee has a beautiful face, wonderful features, and an unusually proportioned body.

Samragyee has a slim physique with a circumference of 36-26-35 inches. Samragyee is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 52 kg (114 Pounds). Her light brown hair is silky and beautiful, and she has captivating black eyes.

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Slim down by working out and eating well. Samragyee RL Shah

Samragyee RL Shah: Controversy Act

On June 26, actress Samragyee Rajya Laxmi shared a video on Instagram detailing how she was harassed by film directors and producers during a film shoot. ”I’ve been in this profession for five years and have worked on eight films so far. As she stated in her Instagram video, “there were circumstances and locations that I witnessed that were too much for me to take.” ”I’ve worked with eight different individuals, three of them were excellent, and I was given excellent possibilities, but there was also a moment when management did not deliver as promised. We didn’t obtain sufficient meals in a timely manner, and we didn’t even have enough water to drink,” she continued.

She didn’t identify any specific people on Instagram, but she has been accused of allowing misbehavior during the filming of “Dreams” in several interviews.
In the past, actor/producer Bhuwan K.C did not respond to her comments. But on Sunday, for the first time, he wrote on Facebook, “The actor who is sobbing on social media about not having food and water, which movie’s popularity is she exploiting now?” Make a hole in the same plate that you’re eating on. Acting talents demonstrated on social media might be useful in a film.

Samragyee posted another video to her Instagram account, this time without naming anyone. “If he had behaved properly, this day would not have arrived. In her video, Samragyee says, “I was appalled by his conduct internally, but I had to cope with him with a smile.”
Bhuwan K.C was not the first person to harass her, she added. Many well-known directors and producers prey on novices. Many well-known performers have gone through this dreadful phase, and many are fearful of losing their jobs.

Others will rip you apart if we do not stand up for justice. Samragyee RL Shah

Samragyee RL Shah: Social Networking Sites

Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media sites are among her favorites. As a consequence of her commitment and excitement for what she does, she has built a significant fan base. She has 642.1K Instagram followers, 5K Twitter followers, and 715K Facebook fans among her social media accounts.
She appears to have a TikTok account, but we are unsure if it is her original account. If it is, she has 12K TikTok followers.

Among the celebs, she follows on Instagram are Leonardo DiCaprio, Dua Lipa, Zac Efron, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Madison BeerLiza KoshyBillie EilishAddison RaeLoren GrayMillie Bobby BrownOlivia Rodrigo, and others.

She has also been following all of the members of BLACKPINK, including Lalisha Manoban, Jennie KimJisoo Kim, and Roseanne Park.

You will understand the power of social media if you use it. Samragyee RL Shah

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